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way_our_life_is's Journal

fat-no-more!!!!!!!!! :)
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our names are deana who is 27 and ashlee who is 20. we came up with an idea to want to loose weight! but it is hard cause deana lives in florida and i ashlee live in cali! so we dont see each other and talking on the phone is hard cause of the time difference plus sometimes we have other things that we need to do! this is where this journal comes into play! this way we can come on here and look at what each other is doing, and eating and if we lost any weight! in doing this we talked about helping other people and having them if they wanted to write also!we welcome anyone who wants to be apart of this loosing weight group! so we hope that you all like this site and that if you wanted to join we ask that in your first post that you tell us a little about yourself! then from there on post about what you have been eating and if you lost anything! and we can reply to each other!